CVSA to reconsider roadside brake tests

| 11/6/2006

Those performance-based brake testers that inspectors use in some states for roadside brake checks are just screening devices right now. The devices simply let the inspector know if he or she needs to take a closer look.

But next year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance - which sets inspection standards and out-of-service criteria - is expected to consider a proposal that would allow inspectors to put trucks out of service, based solely on data from the performance-based brake testers.

Using performance-based brake testers to put trucks out of service was voted on by CVSA in 2006. But, the proposal was rejected.

"If the data from the machines can be used to place a truck out of service, then a trucker who gets a passing grade on the automated brake test should not have to undergo any other testing to pass the brake portion of an inspection," said OOIDA Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig, an associate member of CVSA.