Three ports likely to merge in western Canada

| 11/29/2006

Three port authorities on Canada's west coast are used to competing with one another. Now, they are most likely merging to form one authority.

Board members from the three entities - Vancouver, Fraser River and North Fraser port authorities in southern British Columbia - commissioned a report earlier this year to study the possibility of merging, and the report by InterVistas Consulting showed it would be viable.

Canada's federal transport minister, Lawrence Cannon, recommended last year that the authorities consider a merger. Cannon must approve the merger before it is finalized.

The merged entity falls under the Canada Port Authority, according to a written statement from the authority, reported in the Vancouver Sun.

"As we explore the issues and opportunities more fully with our colleagues at Fraser River Port and North Fraser Port, the benefits of a more collaborative and cohesive strategy for managing southern B.C.'s port assets have become even clearer," Vancouver Port Authority Chairman George Adams said in a statement in October.

Adams said in a written statement this week that a merger was "the most effective means of optimizing port planning, development and marketing."