North Carolina seeks method for collecting tolls

| 11/28/2006

North Carolina Turnpike Authority officials are trying to come up with the best way to collect tolls that are being implemented in the next few years.

Authority members met Tuesday, Nov. 21, to discuss traditional toll booths, electronic transponder lanes for frequent users, and a system that would take photos of license plates to send bills to customers.

The authority has a few months to work out the plan.

The Wilmington Star reported that one authority board member joked about installing an "Easley Pass" system, like New York's E-ZPass, only with some clever word play with North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley's name.

North Carolina has several road projects to be equipped with tolls, including Wilmington's first toll road, the Cape Fear Expressway.

Officials said the method the authority eventually chooses for collecting revenue from motorists and truckers will be implemented statewide.