FAST card substitute for passport

| 11/17/2006

For Canadian truckers entering the U.S., a FAST card is as good as a passport.

That was confirmed by the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, during a Canadian motor carriers' convention this week in Toronto.

Today's Trucking reported that Wilkins said a Free and Secure Trade card - known as a FAST card - would be an acceptable substitute for a passport for truckers.

President Bush signed a law in 2004 that will require all entrants into the U.S. to have a valid passport, regardless of domestic or foreign citizenship. But the deadline for that requirement has been pushed back a few times.

The land-crossing deadline for everyone except FAST card holders is scheduled for June 1, 2009. The date for air travelers to have a passport is Jan. 1, 2007.