Macquarie profits up more than 50 percent

| 11/15/2006

Australia's most powerful bank, with subsidiaries that invest in some of the toll roads you may drive on every day in North America, issued a report this week showing record profits.

Compared with the same time period the year before, Macquarie Bank, the parent company to Macquarie Infrastructure Group, reported a 51-percent increase in profit for the second half of its current fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, according to a statement published on the company's Web site.

And, during the first half of the current fiscal year - October 2005 through March 2006 - investors received a 39-percent increase in dividends and shares rose 62 cents Australian to $57.73 ($44.13 U.S.).

Macquarie Infrastructure Group is a principal investor in the Indiana Toll Road, Chicago Skyway, South Bay Expressway in San Diego, 407 Express Toll Route in Toronto, Canada, and the Dulles Greenway near Washington, DC.

Watch the December/January issue of Land Line Magazine for a story about an Australian professor who claims Macquarie's investment techniques to control toll roads could lead to increased debt and government subsidies.

Macquarie claims to be the biggest infrastructure investor in the world.