SmartWay unveils loan program for anti-idling technologies

| 11/15/2006

If you like the idea of adding an anti-idling device to your truck but haven't been able to come up with the money to purchase or install one, the Environmental Protection Agency might be able to help you out.

On Monday, the EPA's SmartWay program announced that it had partnered with several lenders to launch its SmartWay Transport Truck Loans program, which is meant to help truckers and trucking companies pay for technologies that will save fuel and money while reducing pollution.

By taking advantage of the Small Business Administration's lending programs, SmartWay hopes to help truckers overcome the high up-front costs associated with adding auxiliary power units or generators. The loans are highlighted by a fast approval process and will not require any collateral, according to a SmartWay press release.

In addition, SmartWay has developed what it's calling a SmartWay Upgrade Kit, which allows truckers to purchase APUs, low-resistance tires and other energy-saving devices in one convenient bundle.

For more details about the loan program, visit SmartWay's Web site at or call (734) 214-4767.