Fires still burning on hot fuel issue

| 11/14/2006

Since August, The Kansas City Star has done an excellent job covering an issue that makes truckers' blood boil - the issue of oil companies manipulating the temperature of fuel at the pump to overcharge consumers.

The OOIDA Foundation contributed to the original series by Star reporter Steve Everly, who brought the issue to the mainstream.

Petroleum fuel expands and contracts in hot and cold temperatures, so about 100 years ago, a standard was put in place to measure fuel volumes at its optimum temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

As Everly pointed out, with support from OOIDA Foundation's John Siebert, American consumers are being cheated out of between $1.2 and $1.7 billion each year as companies manipulate fuel temperatures.

It's all legal, at least for now, Everly stated in his series.

The latest story, published Sunday, Nov. 12, was called "Loophole enhances 'hot fuel' profits."

The story focuses on how the same oil companies are also using the manipulation of fuel temperatures while paying federal fuel taxes - meaning they are buying low and selling high in a "legal loophole."

The companies may continue to profit from hot fuel, but neither the Star nor OOIDA are backing down from informing people that the practice is unethical.

"The nation's truckers take fuel-tax issues personally," Siebert stated in the article, which can be found by clicking here.