Diesel climbs 4.6 cents per gallon

| 11/13/2006

The average price for diesel nationwide climbed by 4.6 cents per gallon during the week ending Monday, Nov. 13, 2006.

A gallon of highway diesel rose to an average of $2.552. Last week, diesel prices averaged $2.506 on a national level.

Region by region, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the largest increase was in the Midwest where diesel climbed 6.9 cents from $2.493 to $2.562 per gallon.

The West Coast region had the second largest increase - 6.7 cents - from $2.606 to $2.673, while California retained the highest price in the nation with an average of $2.677 - a 4-cent increase compared to last week.

The Rocky Mountain region reported a $2.623 average, up 4.6 cents.

Diesel prices on the East Coast averaged $2.530, up 2.2 cents from last week.

The Lower Atlantic region averaged 2.5 cents more per gallon, closing the reporting period this week at $2.473.

The Central Atlantic region reported a 1.5-cent increase to $2.643.

The cheapest diesel in the nation this week is in the Gulf Coast region, averaging $2.470 per gallon despite an increase of 2.1 cents.