Indiana governor says new toll loop would keep tolls off I-69

| 11/13/2006

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is in the spotlight again because of a toll road.

The governor known for helping the state lease the Indiana Toll Road to private investors now says another controversial road project in the state will not be tolled.

Daniels announced last week that he wanted Interstate 69 to be kept free of tolls.

But, there is a catch.

As reported last week, Daniels is proposing a multi-lane outer belt tollway linking six interstates in five Indiana counties.

The tollway would loop around Indianapolis to relieve some of the urban congestion, including the gridlock on I-69.

Indiana has I-69 in its long-term plans to be a north-south corridor beyond its current corridor that ends in the middle of the state, south of Indianapolis. The goal is to extend it another 150 miles to Evansville.

Media reports out of Indiana indicate that the proposed outer belt tollway, including the congestion relief planned for I-69, has given Daniels an incentive to keep the proposed I-69 extension toll free.