Indiana DOT head Sharp resigns; Daniels wants another toll road

| 11/10/2006

The head of Indiana's Department of Transportation and one of the originators of the state's controversial "Major Moves" plan resigned Thursday.

Tom Sharp had stepped out of retirement to take the top job at the DOT when Gov. Mitch Daniels took office in 2005. Sharp and Daniels came up with the "Major Moves" plan, which included leasing the Indiana Toll Road to foreign investors.

Meanwhile, Daniels has unveiled what the Indianapolis Star is calling "the most ambitious" local road project in Indiana in 35 years.

That proposed project calls for a privately operated toll road from Pendleton - which is located just northeast of Indianapolis - to the airport southwest of Indianapolis.

Before it could be built, the plan would require legislative approval, and this week's election saw Democrats - who generally oppose privatization - take control of the Indiana House of Representatives.