Board issues warning about biodiesel during cold weather

| 11/9/2006

The National Biodiesel Board has issued what it's calling a "winter weather advisory," saying there's a lot of biodiesel out there that doesn't meet the industry standards against gelling and clogging.

In a press release, the board said tests that were conducted during a nine-month period ending in July 2006 found that one-third of the test samples failed to meet specifications.

The Biodiesel Board's CEO called the results "unacceptable" and urged biodiesel users to make sure they're buying fuel that is BQ-9000 accredited.

BQ-9000 is the industry's own term for fuel that conforms to the criteria of the American Standards of Testing and Materials.

In addition to issuing the board's winter advisory, the biodiesel industry has developed an online" Fuel Quality Enforcement Guide" (click here that provides guidance for anyone who has concerns that a company might not be producing fuel to the proper specifications.

Report out-of-spec biodiesel to the proper authorities, which can be found in the National Biodiesel Board's "State Fuel Quality Index" (click here).

Truckers can find a list of BQ-9000 accredited producers and certified marketers on the Internet at