Smoking rules worked out at Kansas truck stop

| 11/8/2006

The smoke has cleared - figuratively, at least - at a truck stop in Parsons, KS.

Stockyard Travel Plaza owner Russell McKee told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that he was none too happy when the city told him he and other business owners would be responsible for enforcing a new anti-smoking ordinance - even to the point of calling police if a smoker refused to extinguish a cigarette.

"I really kind of support the ban, but the thing I was opposed to was they expect us to enforce it to the point of evicting our customer in the event they refuse to not smoke," McKee said. "That was my biggest issue - they expected us to police their regulation."

But, McKee said, he met with the Parsons City Council and city manager, and it was agreed business owners wouldn't have to expel anyone.

McKee - who's a non-smoker himself - said he's even allowed to keep a well-ventilated TV room where truckers can smoke.

- By Reed Black, staff writer