OOIDA Life Member wins big in Refer and Win contest

| 11/3/2006

How far could you get on $3,000 worth of free diesel fuel?

James "Handlebar" Randall, an OOIDA Life Member from Claremont, MN, thinks he'll be able to run for at least two weeks on the free fuel he won in the Association's Refer and Win contest.

For referring 23 new members to OOIDA, James received a Fleet One fuel card, good for three grand worth of fuel.

Randall told Reed Black of "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio how he managed to pull off such an impressive feat, and beat out all the competitors.

"Basically, I'm a walking, rolling OOIDA advertisement," Randall said. "My truck has the word 'OOIDA' on it - just the tractor - more than 10 times, and I've almost always got an OOIDA hat on, I've got the Life Member jacket, and a lot of times I've got an OOIDA shirt on."

Randall said he's always quick to point out the advantages of Association membership to anyone who's willing to listen.

"In my shirt pocket, I've always got the recruiting brochures," he said. "If anyone asks me, I can hand them one and tell them about it."

Randall said he's a big supporter of the Association because, although there are lots of groups representing big carriers, OOIDA is the only organization in America that represents individual truckers.

This is the second year Randall took home the top prize in the annual competition, which awards prizes to members who help convince the most people to join OOIDA. Last year, he was awarded with a $5,000 travel voucher toward a cruise or vacation package.