Organization offers speed limiter alternative

| 10/31/2006

An organization that represents private truck fleet operators in Canada has come up with an alternative to putting speed limiters on every truck.

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada is arguing that the evidence suggests that relatively few heavy trucks speed in the first place.

Council President Bruce Richards told "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio that rather than imposing limits on all trucks, authorities should go after repeat offenders.

"We think there should be mandated speed limiters for chronic speeders, whether that's an individual or a fleet," Richards said.

"So if you've got a fleet of trucks that, for whatever reason, doesn't slow its drivers down, they should have speed limiters mandated. Similarly, you've got an individual who can't slow his own truck down? Mandated speed limiter."

In Canada, the Ontario Trucking Association has called for a government mandate limiting all trucks to 65 miles per hour. In the U.S., the American Trucking Association wants the government to limit all trucks to 68 miles per hour.