Four GOP reps oppose NAFTA superhighway

| 10/31/2006

In a formal expression of opinion, four Republican U.S. Representatives have offered a "resolution" that urges the government not to build a so-called NAFTA superhighway - and not join with Canada and Mexico in any economic union similar to the European Union.

The co-sponsors are Virgil Goode of Virginia, Ron Paul of Texas, Walter Jones of North Carolina and Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

The resolution claims it would be difficult for Americans to collect insurance from Mexican companies in the event of an accident involving a Mexican vehicle on a U.S. highway, and that unrestricted foreign trucking in the U.S. could pose safety hazards due to inadequate maintenance and inspection.

Even if the resolution is passed, it would not be legally binding. But, passage would signal that a majority in Congress oppose certain NAFTA initiatives.