Trucker plays key role in rescue of Amber Alert child

| 10/20/2006

A trucker found a vital piece of evidence Thursday in the case of a missing 9-month-old boy and a murdered social worker, which lead to the apprehension of two suspects.

The infant, Saige Terrell, was rescued by an FBI SWAT team Thursday night, Oct. 19, near Godfrey, IL. The baby is fine, according to statements police made to local media, but his parents are in custody after a three-day run from the law.

The child, who lived with foster parents, was reported missing after social worker Boni Frederick was found slain in Henderson, KY. Frederick was supervising a parental visit at the time she was killed.

Media outlets reported that the infant's mother, Renee Terell, did not have custody of the child.

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, an unidentified truck driver found the social worker's purse Thursday on Interstate 64 in Illinois and turned it over to authorities. It was found in the same region of the state where the parents were caught.