Tennessee Highway Patrol under investigation for recruits' test scores

| 10/16/2006

It's taken a few months, but the Tennessee Highway Patrol is once again in hot water for alleged problems in its hiring practices.

According to Nashville newspaper The Tennessean, the patrol's internal investigations department is looking into six incidents of "problems with recruit interview score sheets."

Investigators said they have determined that the interview scores - which are used to determine whether an applicant will be hired into the patrol - were altered due to a discrepancy among the test's judges, but that none of the changes were significant or had an impact on the candidates' hiring.

The patrol was embroiled in controversy last year after dozens of incidents began to emerge from Tennessee's state and local police forces, most of which stemmed from an ongoing investigation by The Tennessean. The paper uncovered allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to high-level cronyism throughout the state's police force and various levels of government.