Patriotic license plates OK'd in Alabama

| 10/12/2006

Alabama motorists soon will have a new way to show their patriotism with new commemorative license plates.

The Alabama Legislature’s License Plate Oversight Committee voted unanimously Oct. 10 to approve the sale of “Support Our Troops” license plates. The vote marks the second specialty plate to win approval in the state this year.

Gov. Bob Riley signed a bill into law in April to allow license plates to display the words “God Bless America.”

The tags honoring soldiers will not be issued until at least 1,000 motorists sign up. The plates will cost an additional $50 annually on top of existing fees.

Most of the fee will go to a committee to disburse to Alabama military families, including the National Guard and Reserves, The Associated Press reported.

Alabama isn’t the only state this year to approve honoring soldiers with commemorative license plates.

A new Louisiana law also honors American soldiers with specialty plates. The tag there will include the likeness of a soldier and a child with the words “Support Our Troops” on it.

The Louisiana plates will cost an additional $25 annually with all of the revenue earmarked for families of service personnel called to active duty, The Times-Picayune reported.

A similar effort was proposed this year in the Illinois Senate. However, that bill failed to gain approval in the Legislature.