Toll booths to be dismantled in Kentucky

| 9/29/2006

By November, two parkways in Kentucky will be toll-free, giving truckers and commuters incentive to hop back on the main routes and drive.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher announced Wednesday that tolls will end on the Natcher Parkway and the Audubon Parkway in November, eight months ahead of schedule.

The 70-mile William H. Natcher Parkway, which connects Owensboro to Bowling Green, opened in 1972 as the Green River Parkway.

Tolls for cars have been 50 cents on the Natcher, while truck tolls have been $4.50.

The Audubon Parkway connects Henderson and Owensboro in northern Kentucky, parallel to U.S. 60

Audubon Parkway tolls have been 50 cents for cars and $1.80 for trucks.

Although the state stands to pass on $6.7 million in revenue from tolls, Fletcher said the move should spawn some economic development in several communities along the current toll routes, according to a report on WFIE-TV.

The state will spend $2 million dismantling the toll booths in several areas, including Morgantown, Bowling Green and Hartford, KY.