Port security bill stalls in U.S. House

| 9/28/2006

The port security bill has stalled as U.S. House Republicans continued their demands that non-port issues – such as rail and transit security provisions – be removed.

According to Congress Daily,a conference committee to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions has not yet been set up, as the House has not yet named conferees.

The Senate version contains the Pryor-Talent Amendment, which would create a roadside inspection process for verifying whether foreign truckers are operating legally in the U.S.; determine whether the cargo is an illegal point-to-point shipment by a foreign driver; and verify a person's citizenship or legal status in the U.S. before issuing them a CDL, among other things.

Congress is scheduled to leave Washington before next week for their election break, so if the differences are not resolved by that time, the bill will likely be put off until after the November election.