Revenue sources sought to pay for needed roadwork in Nevada

| 9/21/2006

A task force in Nevada is trying to figure out how to cover an expected $3.8 billion shortfall in the state’s road funding budget.

The task force, formed by the Nevada Transportation Board, talked recently about a wide range of taxes and other funding sources to pay for transportation work.

Among the options being considered to help pay for needed roadwork are higher taxes on fuel and vehicle fees, as well as toll roads, The Associated Press reported.

Private companies would be responsible for building toll routes and their upkeep. In exchange, they would keep toll revenue.

The list of future road projects has a price tag of more than $5.7 billion, The AP reported.

Task force members have said that demands on Nevada highways are increasing and the result could be a bankrupted state road-building and maintenance budget. They said there also is a likely increase of up to 25 percent in road and rail shipments during the next decade.

After a scheduled meeting on Oct. 4, suggestions by the task force for how to muster enough funds for major highway projects are expected to go before the board and lawmakers during the session that begins in February.