Trucker wins big on 'Deal or No Deal'

| 9/19/2006

A New York trucker is almost $700,000 wealthier today, after winning the largest cash prize to date on a popular prime-time television game show.

Matthew “Matty” Sollena, a Land Line reader from Staten Island, NY, won $675,000 during his record-breaking appearance on the season premiere of NBC’s “Deal or No Deal.”

The victory was bittersweet, however. After several high-dollar gambles earlier in the game, Sollena finally stopped at his $600,000-plus prize. What he didn’t know was, had he continued through to the end of the game, his winnings would’ve totaled $3 million.

But Sollena told the New York Daily News he’s thrilled with his winnings, especially since his wife tried to get him to quit long before he reached the $675,000 mark.

Sollena said he’s planning to use the prize money to buy a yellow Corvette, take his family on vacation to Italy, and invest whatever’s left.