Wounded Good Samaritan faces recovery battle

| 9/12/2006

A trucker who stopped to help what appeared to be a stranded motorist remains hospitalized with partial paralysis after he was robbed and shot in the back.

49-year-old Randy Jay Tomblin of Flatwoods, KY, hauls heavy loads for Combined Transport of Central Point, OR.

On Sept. 3, he had just pulled onto Interstate 64 at Huntington, WV, when he saw a woman on the roadside trying to flag down help.

Tomblin told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio the trunk of her car was open. He pulled over, and as he approached her, a man jumped out and struck him on the back of the head with something heavy.

Tomblin said he was face-down on the ground.

“I felt their hands in my pocket, and I knew they were robbing me,” Tomblin said. “I went to stand up, and the next thing I knew, I hear a bang, and a burning sensation in my back, and I knew that I’d been shot.”

Tomblin caught a glimpse of the car as they sped away. After they’d left, Tomblin drove himself to a rest area, where he was met by an ambulance he had called for himself. He said the bullet lodged between his spine and pelvis and causes intermittent paralysis of his right leg.

He doesn’t know when or if he’ll be able to go back to work.

Huntington police are looking for a black man and black woman, with the man described as at least 6 feet tall. Their car was a dark-colored Ford Taurus with Michigan plates.

– By Reed Black, staff writer