Kansas trooper warns of scam

| 9/11/2006

If your mother told you never to play cards with strangers, it was good advice, according to Kansas State Trooper Dave Heim.

Heim told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio that a group of about 10 con men have been relieving truckers of their hard-earned money using a three-card Monte scam, in which the victim tries to pick a specific card out of three that have been shuffled around.

He said the group hit a truck stop on Interstate 70 in Missouri last week, and the Flying J on Interstate 44 at Joplin, MO, before that.

Hein said when a trucker is drawn into the game, he thinks the other men standing around are truckers, too – but that they’re actually part of the scam.

Authorities have pictures of the men and know they’ve operated in Florida and Sturgis, SD.

And while a number of them have been arrested before, Heim said no one can keep them in jail because the dollar amounts in the scams qualify only as misdemeanors.