Peterbilt 379 ending its 20-year run

| 9/6/2006

After a 20-year run, Peterbilt’s popular 379 model is about to become history.

The classic model is being replaced by a more aerodynamic model, 389. While the new replacement will retain the large, blunt radiator of the 379, its bumper is curved and its new headlamp pods have a modern, streamlined shape, enclosing improved lamps. But those who crave the lines of the traditional 379 will have one more opportunity to buy this classic.

The last 1,000 model 379s will come off the assembly lines in the first quarter of 2007. Half will be equipped with Caterpillar engines; the other half with Cummins. All engines will be 475 hp or greater.

Each truck will carry a plaque indicating its sequence in the final build, from “1 of 1,000” to “1,000 of 1,000.” Dealers have been clamoring to get the first and last, but so far, Peterbilt has not determined the allocation process. Each dealer, however, will have some of these Peterbilt 379 Legacy Class models.

Since emissions regulations depend on when the engine was built, all of these 2007 models will have engines built in 2006. Subsequent Peterbilts with 2007 emissions-controlled engines will be designated 2008 models. The content in these specially equipped Peterbilt 379s will add about $3,000 to each truck’s price.