Sago mine trucking companies facing lawsuit for alleged pollution, noise violations

| 9/6/2006

As if it didn’t have enough problems on its hands, the Sago coal mine in Sago, WV – as well as two trucking companies who haul there – is facing a lawsuit for pollution and noise-related complaints.

According to the West Virginia Record, three residents who live near the mining area have filed suit against the mine’s operator, along with trucking companies Winjean and H.W.M. Truck Lines, for creating excessive levels of gravel and coal dust on the residents’ properties, and for traveling at unsafe speeds and using their engine brakes excessively.

The residents also claim the mine operator illegally widened Sago Road two years ago to accommodate the coal-hauling trucks, which has caused water drainage issues on their land, according to court documents.

A hearing for an injunction that would cease work at the mines is scheduled for Sept. 7 in Upshur County Circuit Court.

The Sago mines made national headlines in January, when an explosion trapped 13 miners underground for two days. Only one of the miners survived.