Bush picks Mary Peters for top DOT spot

| 9/5/2006

President Bush today named Mary Peters as his choice for secretary of transportation.

If confirmed by the Senate, Peters would succeed Norman Mineta as the nation’s top transportation official. Peters was chief of the Federal Highway Administration for five years and, before that, director of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Serving in the role of the administrator of FWHA, Peters advocated interstate tolling and public-private partnerships within the highway bill re-authorization, or SAFETEA-LU.

Among the first to laud the nomination is Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation, a big supporter of infrastructure privatization. According to Rod Nofziger of OOIDA’s Washington, DC, office, Poole’s “booming endorsement does not bode well” for opponents of public-private partnerships.

Peters also serves on the National Highway Funding Commission, a commission that was formed as a directive from SAFETEA-LU. Transportation systems and how they should be funded is the purpose of this Commission.

Most recently, Peters has worked in the private sector with a consulting company that specializes in architectural and engineering projects.

 – By Land Line staff