Tropical Storm Ernesto causes few problems

| 8/30/2006

Truckers who drive Interstate 95 and other East Coast highways may see some heavy rains over the next few days, but Tropical Storm Ernesto has not produced high winds or significant damage as it moves northward across Florida.

However, torrential rains have been reported in some areas.

Gov. Jeb Bush put a number of emergency measures into effect, including an hours-of-service waiver for truckers who are hauling emergency relief supplies.

Ernesto is expected to head out to sea on Thursday, then move back on shore in Georgia or the Carolinas.

Meanwhile, Hurricane John, a full-blown hurricane, is moving off-shore up the Pacific coast of Mexico. John’s eye isn’t expected to actually hit Mexico or the U.S., but its 130-mile-an-hour winds were expected to lash the coast of Mexico north of Acapulco.