Truck purchased on eBay racks up 39 violations

| 8/25/2006

“There was something amiss” Thursday in Cromwell, CT.

Authorities used those understated words after receiving a call from a trucker who noticed a tractor-trailer at a service station with blatant violations, according to the Middletown Press.

Officers responded and promptly called the state Department of Motor Vehicles, who later issued 39 violations on the truck.

The driver of the truck in question was Victor Alonso-Malavez, 42, of Juquipilco, Mexico, who spoke little or no English, according to the newspaper.

Through a cell phone and a translator, Captain Roy A. Nelson of the Cromwell Police Department determined that Alonso-Malavez had traveled by bus from south-central Mexico to Providence, RI, to pick up the truck he had bought on the online auction site eBay.

Alonso-Malavez reportedly paid $2,500 for the 1994 White, which authorities determined had a rotting frame and extensive brake violations.

Alonso-Malavez had also bought two other vehicles – a Ford Ranger and Ford Explorer – which were secured in a 1987 Great Dane trailer by their parking brakes only, authorities said.

The driver was cooperative with authorities, the newspaper reported.

Alonso-Malavez had a federal driver’s license from Mexico and was legal to be in the U.S., but the truck was not registered, Ernie Bertothy, a Connecticut DMV spokesman, told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio.

It’s unlikely that the White will ever see the road again.

“Some of the major violations concerned the brakes,” Bertothy said. “The brakes were out of adjustment, there were loose brake chambers and oil-soaked linings to name a few. In addition, there were broken springs, and a rotted and rusted frame. Obviously these issues violated state and federal law and resulted in out-of-service orders and infractions.”

Alonso-Malavez was fined $1,114 for the violations.

Police did not return calls from “Land Line Now” about the driver’s whereabouts as of Friday afternoon.