Freightliner heads for '07 with three new engines

| 8/24/2006

Freightliner is currently testing three new engines on the way to stricter 2007 emissions standards.

Two of the engines are for heavy-duty trucks – the Detroit Diesel Series 60 and MBE 4000, in addition to the medium-duty MBE 900.

Freightliner expects to have certification by January, according to the Portland, OR-based company in a press release issued Thursday, Aug. 24 at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

“All vehicles are using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and the vehicles are demonstrating fuel consumption levels very close to the current vehicles,” Tim Tindall, EPA 2007 program director for Detroit Diesel, said in the statement.

“In controlled testing, fuel consumption of the 2007 vehicle is within one percent of the 2006 vehicle,” Tindall said.

Freightliner is in the process of investing 25 million miles into testing as well as a customer demonstration program for the end user.