Governor's aide goes back to work for Cintra

| 8/22/2006

A former political aide to Texas Gov. Rick Perry has returned to one of his old jobs – working for the Spanish company in charge of developing the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Dan Shelley was a consultant for Madrid-based Cintra Concessiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte S.A. prior to taking a job in 2004 as a Perry lobbyist to the state legislature.

Shelley has recently left the state job to return to Cintra, according to the Dallas Morning News.

He and his daughter have contracts for lobbying work, the Morning News reported.

Cintra and Austin-based Zachry Construction Corporation partnered to bid $7 billion to develop the first phase of Perry’s proposed intermodal transportation route, the Trans-Texas Corridor.

The state awarded the development contract to Cintra-Zachry while Shelley was employed by Gov. Perry, the Morning News reported.

State officials, according to the papers, have denied any connection between the contract and Shelley’s employment status.

Texas law allows former state aides to lobby in the private sector.