Diesel price drops for a change

| 8/21/2006

After several weeks of being on the rise, the national average price for diesel fell more than 3 cents for the week ending Aug. 21.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the price fell to $3.033 cents per gallon, down from $3.065 the previous week.

Most major regions saw decreases, though California rose a fraction of a penny to $3.221 per gallon. The West Coast was up almost 2 cents to $3.237 per gallon.

Amazingly enough, those were not the highest prices in the country. The Rocky Mountain region took that dubious distinction, jumping nearly 4 cents to $3.349 per gallon.

The biggest drop came in the Lower Atlantic region, where prices fell 7.4 cents to $2.890, the lowest average in the country. The Central Atlantic and New England regions were also down, coming in at $3.078 and $3.049 per gallon, respectively.

The East Coast as a whole dropped 6.4 cents to $2.953 cents per gallon.

The Midwest average dropped more than 2 cents to $3.041 per gallon, while the Gulf Coast fell more than 5 cents to $2.923 per gallon.