Trucker saves woman with the shirt off his back

| 8/21/2006

A Jonesboro, AR, trucker literally gave the shirt off his back recently to save a seriously injured woman.

Barry Byram – who drives for American Central Transport – was right behind a Volkswagen Beetle when it went out of control and overturned on Interstate 40 at Brownsville, TN.

Byram pulled over, then climbed into the car through a shattered back window. The woman in the car was semi-conscious and he could see that her right leg was bleeding profusely.

“I just tore my shirt off and made a tourniquet out of it without thinking about what I had done,” he told “Land Line Now” on XM Satellite Radio. “I had blood all over me, but I was trying to save her and I don’t know, it’s something that just comes natural to me.”

Eventually a state trooper arrived to help and the woman was taken to a hospital.

The trooper called Byram’s company to report his life-saving actions.

With co-workers looking on, the president of the company presented Byram with the Heart of ACT Award – a truck made of crystal.

“The only thing I told them when I had to do my little speech when I got my award there in the office is there’s one thing about it, I do something for somebody every day if it’s nothing but opening the door,” Byram said. “And I said, ‘make sure to teach the children that.’”

– By Reed Black, staff writer