Boston police to inspect heavy trucks

| 8/16/2006

There’s a new state law that allows Boston police officers to conduct random truck inspections.

Over the years, other cities have tried using police as inspectors, and OOIDA Director of Special Projects Gary Green said it’s almost always about bringing more money into the city coffers.

“What it does indicate is that the local authorities are in search of revenue, and trucks seem to be a revenue source for them,” Green said. “Some of these localities will go through an abbreviated CVSA certification, which is not sponsored by CVSA, but some officers who went through the whole class end up trying to teach … in two days what it took them eight days to learn.”

Green said the small city he lives in considered having its police force inspect trucks several years ago. But after he went to the city council and explained that the move would not improve public safety, they gave up on the idea.

By Reed Black, staff writer