Insurance company denies payment to trucker involved in suicide crash

| 8/16/2006

A trucker in Tampa, FL, is still paying for a fatal accident that wasn’t his fault.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that a jury this week refused Edward Tippie’s request that the Progressive Auto Insurance Company be compelled to pay him $100,000 for medical bills and other expenses.

Tippie was seriously injured in September 2003 when a suicidal man named Bryan Randall deliberately drove into the path of Tippie’s tractor-trailer on Interstate 4.

Randall and one of his children were killed in the wreck. Another child survived. It was later discovered that the day before the fatal crash, Randall had killed a third child, and tried to kill a fourth.

On Tuesday, Aug. 15, the jury rejected Tippie’s suit after an attorney for Progressive argued that no insurance company pays out claims when there’s a suicide.

However, the Sentinel reported that Progressive did pay an undisclosed award to Randall’s two surviving children.

Tippie now drives a tow truck, and relies on that income to support a wife and seven children.