More than 40 insulin-dependent diabetics receive waivers

| 8/9/2006

Since the regulations changed in late 2005, only a handful of insulin-dependent truckers had received exemptions returning them to interstate driving.

That is, until earlier this week.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted 47 insulin-dependent truckers exemptions from the diabetes standard in a notice published in the Federal Register Tuesday.

According to the Notice of Exemption in the Federal Register , the 47 applicants have had insulin-dependent diabetes for anywhere from one to 33 years.

In their applications, the truckers reported no hypoglycemic reaction that resulted in loss of consciousness or seizure, which required the assistance of another person, or resulted in impaired cognitive function without warning symptoms in the past five years, with one year of stability following any such episode.

The Federal Register notice stated that each trucker had an endocrinologist verify that the driver has demonstrated willingness to properly monitor and manage his or her diabetes, received education related to diabetes management and is on a stable insulin regimen.

The exemptions can be revoked if the drivers fail to comply with the terms and conditions, the exemptions result in a lower safety level than maintained before it was granted, or if continuation of the exemption would not be consistent with the goals and objectives of the reg.

Under the current regs, exemption from the diabetes standard may be granted if the exemption is likely to achieve an equivalent or greater level of safety than would be achieved without the exemption. The exemption allows an insulin-dependent trucker to operate interstate.

For more information on applying for a waiver from the diabetes standard, click here .

– By Jami Jones, senior editor