Diesel average tops $3 mark

| 8/7/2006

The national average price for diesel bounded over the $3 mark for the week ending Aug. 7. All areas experienced a bump in average prices.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, the $3.055 per gallon national average is the highest price since October 2005, when diesel hit $3.157 per gallon in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It's also 65 cents higher than prices for the same time a year ago.

The Rocky Mountain region saw the biggest price increase, ballooning 15.6 cents per gallon to $3.208 – also the highest average in the nation.

The Midwest region also witnessed a jump in price. The average price increased 8.2 cents to $3.070 per gallon. That's the highest average in that region in 10 months.

Among the higher average prices were in California, where the price per gallon rose .037 cents to $3.130. The rest of the West Coast increased 4.7 cents to $3.113. The Central Atlantic region is nearly the same with an average price of $3.104 – up 7.4 cents.

Other prices included the East Coast region, at $3.026; New England, at $3.061; the Lower Atlantic region, at $2.989; and the Gulf Coast, at $2.988.