Denver TA stops rationing diesel; restrictions could be necessary again

| 8/7/2006

Diesel rationing at a TA in Denver ended Saturday morning, but could begin again there or at other locations if supplies continue to be disrupted by the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel and other factors.

Monday afternoon, a spokesman for Travel Centers of America told Land Line Magazine, that the 50-gallon limit for diesel customers at the Denver fuel station was lifted about 10:30 Saturday morning. However, he said supplies are still tight in the areas around Denver and Cheyenne, WY.

“The supply areas of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska – all those areas have eased up – however, since they were pulling product out of Denver and the Cheyenne area to backfill into that area, those two markets are tight so it's really kind of a ‘stay tuned' (situation),” said Tom Liutkus, director of advertising and public relations for TA.

“If the terminals start to get thin, we could be looking at allocation again.”

On Friday, Liutkus told Land Line that the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel has caused TA to experience some regional fuel shortages. As a result, TA pulled some supplies from other states, including Colorado and Wyoming, which resulted in short supplies there.

There has also been high demand for diesel because of harvest season. A large refinery that was knocked out of operation by storms is also a factor in the supply situation, according to reports from The Associated Press.

Liutkus said Monday afternoon that TA officials would be adding a link on the company Web site at to inform truckers and other consumers about supply issues and fuel stops where rationing – referred to as “allocating” by the corporation spokesman – have been imposed.

– By Coral Beach, staff editor