TA rationing diesel in Denver

| 8/4/2006

The transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel is causing some supply issues in the Midwest.

Tom Liutkus, director of public relations for Travel Centers of America, told Land Line that his company has experienced some fuel shortages in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri because of the switch.

As a result, Liutkus said the company has had to pull supplies from other states – including Colorado and Wyoming – to supply those markets that are short.

The end result is that some stations have taken to rationing fuel. A call to a station in Denver confirmed that station was limiting patrons to 50 gallons of fuel or less in order to keep supplies flowing.

Liutkus said any further information about allocations would be posted on the company’s Web site at www.tatravelcenters.com. As of Friday, Aug. 4, no information had been posted yet.