Fuel above $3 mark for third day

| 8/3/2006

ProMiles reported a national average price for diesel of $3.040 per gallon on Thursday, Aug. 3. That marks the third day in a row that prices have been above $3 per gallon.

Washington state had the highest reported average, at $3.260 per gallon.

Kansas also reported a high average of $3.231 per gallon. Nebraska was not far behind at $3.216 per gallon. Both of those states have reported shortages of diesel in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, AAA reported a national average for diesel of $3.045 per gallon.

California has the highest average price, according to the auto association, at $3.240 per gallon.

The auto association reported the average in Kansas at $3.207 per gallon and Nebraska at $3.196 per gallon.