Trucker acquitted in 2004 Indiana school bus wreck

| 7/28/2006

An Indianapolis trucker has been acquitted of all charges, which included four felony recklessness charges and one misdemeanor reckless driving charge, relating to a November 2004 crash with a school bus.

On Wednesday, July 26, a Tippecanoe County Superior Court judge ruled in a bench trial that Timothy D. Wright could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have caused the wreck, in which Wright’s truck crashed into the bus near Lafayette, IN.

Three children were seriously injured in the wreck. Seven other children and both drivers received minor injuries, The Associated Press reported.

The case hinged on whether the bus’s stop arm was raised at the time of the impact. According to court documents, Superior Court Judge Les Meade said there was no proof that the sign was in its stop position, and that eyewitnesses said Wright was not speeding.

Tests conducted after the incident found no signs of alcohol or drug use on the part of Wright, The AP reported.