CARB funds research into particulate matter emissions

| 7/24/2006

The California Air Resources Board has approved more than $5 million for air pollution research, including studies on particulate matter, ship emissions and climate change emissions.

According to a CARB press release, projects of note within the plan, and their funding amounts, include:

  • Defining the relationship between air pollution and premature death due to particulate matter air pollution – $175,000;
  • Determining the nature and magnitude of emissions from offshore shipping emissions – $50,000; and
  • Quantifying engine lube oil’s contribution to mobile source particulate matter emissions – $100,000 CARB sponsorship. The total project cost is $400,000 and is funded via co-sponsorships.

Part of the funding will also go toward studies to address climate change emissions, including work to quantify refrigerant emissions from motor vehicle air conditioning systems, non-professional service and repair of those systems, auto dismantling and recycling, and non-light duty vehicles.