Connecticut trucking owner charged with manslaughter

| 7/24/2006

David Wilcox, the owner of a runaway dump truck that killed four people and injured 19 others in a July 2005 wreck near Avon, CT, has been charged with four counts of manslaughter.

The Associated Press reported that Wilcox, who owned American Crushing and Recycling, has also been charged with assault, tampering with evidence, fabricating evidence, interfering with police and 23 motor vehicle violations.

Wilcox’s son, Shaun, was also arrested and charged with evidence tampering.

This marks the second arrest in this case for the elder Wilcox, who was arrested in November along with his wife, Donna, and charged with insurance fraud for attempting to reinstate liability insurance on the truck after the accident.

The AP reported that Wilcox has a long criminal record. He has prior convictions for interfering with police, disorderly conduct and assault. He did not serve any jail time for those offenses, but instead either paid fines or served probation.

Both Wilcox and his son were scheduled to appear in court on Monday, July 24.