Trucker safe after hijacking at Texas truck stop

| 7/24/2006

A Texas trucker who was kidnapped at gunpoint at a truck stop north of Dallas Sunday escaped uninjured four hours later in Fort Worth.

The ordeal started at the Pride Fuel Stop in the small town of Fairview in Collin County.

County Sheriff Spokesman Lt. John Norton told “Land Line Now” the truck driver – Christie Bundren of Allen, TX – had pulled into the lot to park her rig and meet her son-in-law, who planned to drive her to a family gathering.

Norton said the two met, and then noticed a man who was having a hard time trying to start his car.

“The victim’s son-in-law walked over to try to help the guy, and the guy pulled a gun on the son-in-law,” Norton said. “There was some kind of exchange there, and at that point, the suspect ran from the area, got into the truck with the victim and forced her to drive away from the scene.”

Norton said that on orders from the gunman, Bundren drove on various interstates in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and at one point through a residential neighborhood.

Police, who were in pursuit the entire time, eventually shot out the tractor’s tires and fired shots into the radiator, which finally brought the rig to a standstill.

At that point, Bundren jumped out with her dog. Norton said police then used tear gas on the suspect, who was still in the cab.

He quickly got out and surrendered.

Lt. Rick Watson of the Dallas Police Department said Bundren did a remarkable job of driving – considering the situation.

“Certainly she was upset, but at the same time, she was very strong and very courageous in what she did,” Watson said. “She did an outstanding job under the circumstances. She was not physically hurt, she was just emotionally upset.”

Police later learned that the car the suspect was having trouble starting back at the truck stop was one of two vehicles the suspect had allegedly stolen at gunpoint just prior to the truck hijacking.

– By Reed Black, staff writer