UPS avoids left turns to conserve fuel, reduce idling

| 7/17/2006

In the world of NASCAR, left turns are the standard. But at UPS, the company’s entire fleet of vehicles avoids them like the plague.

According to media reports, the less-than-truckload hauler has safeguards built into the navigation and route-planning software on all of its trucks, which minimizes the number of left turns the vehicles have to make.

UPS Spokesman Steve Holmes told trade publication Multichannel Merchant that reducing the number of left turns eliminates unnecessary idling at red lights when “right on red” is an option, and because right turns tend to take less time and fuel than lefts.

“It seems small, but when you multiply it across 88,000 vehicles making nearly 15 million deliveries every day during the course of a year, it adds up,” Holmes told Multichannel Merchant.