Senate approves money for port, border security

| 7/12/2006

The U.S. Senate has approved nearly $1 billion in additional funding to beef up security along the country’s borders and at ports.

Reuters reported that the money is part of a $32.8 billion domestic security spending bill for 2007.

Reuters reported that the Senate approved $648 million for port security, including more inspectors and advanced equipment to scan containers. An additional $350 million was added to the bill to buy aircraft, buses and other vehicles for border patrol agents, and to improve fences and border infrastructure.

The border money will come from increasing fees for non-Americans who use services from U.S. immigration and customs agencies, according to Reuters.

The House has already passed its version of the security bill and it is unknown if it will accept the amendments passed by the Senate.

The Senate also debated the fate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, though no proposals were voted on.