Billboard trucks banned from Hawaiian highways

| 7/11/2006

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle has signed a bill into law that will keep so-called advertising-laden “rolling billboards” out of the public eye.

The new law – previously HB2708 – prohibits paid commercial advertising on cars, trucks or trailers on public roads, or on private property that is easily visible from public areas.

However, the bill only addresses trucks that feature third-party commercial advertising, and does not prohibit companies from advertising their own products or services on their own trucks. The bill also does not prohibit political speech, which is protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The new law is a big victory for The Outdoor Circle, a Hawaiian advocacy group that lobbies to protect the islands’ natural beauty. In addition to mobile billboards, the group has spearheaded other similar campaigns, including the removal of unnecessary signage, as well as the burying of electrical wires to remove them from the landscape.