Indiana DOT testing cable barrier system on interstates

| 7/10/2006

Indiana’s getting cable.

Cable barriers, that is, in a test program that will place the safety devices in the medians along several miles of Interstates 65, 465 and 69. The high-tension guide wires are designed to prevent vehicles that leave the roadway and cross into the median from striking vehicles in the opposite lanes.

The barriers – which cost about $100,000 per mile to install, according to The Associated Press – are not an Indiana exclusive. Other states have also experimented with their usage, with Missouri opting to install the cables between the lanes of most of its roadways.

Indiana Department of Transportation officials claim the experimental system can withstand the impact of a box truck.

“They are not tested and federally approved to stop a semi,” INDOT Spokesman Will Wingfield told The AP. “But if it can stop a box truck, it can have an impact on a semi. They are significantly stronger than those in other states.”