Senators push for data security bill

| 6/27/2006

In the wake of several recent incidents resulting in the loss of personal data, including one at the Department of Veterans Affairs, two senators introduced legislation on Monday, June 26, that is designed to help protect sensitive data held by financial institutions, retailers and government agencies.

Reuters news service reported that Sen. Bob Bennett, R-UT, and Sen. Tom Carper, D-DE, introduced the Data Security Act of 2006, which would create a uniform national standard to safeguard data on such documents as licenses, Social Security cards, credit cards as well as other data such as account access codes and passwords.

The bill would essentially require any agency or institution that handles such data to develop a plan to safeguard all paper and electronic records.

Reuters reported that the bill would also require state and federal agencies to oversee the operations and business practices of their entities.

Similar legislation is also being considered in the House of Representatives.