ATA announces driver turnover stats

| 6/27/2006

The American Trucking Association – which represents large carriers – says the driver turnover rate in the truck-load sector dropped from 136 percent to 116 percent in the first quarter of this year.

And the ATA says that the 20 point drop in driver turnover was the biggest in 10 years.

But OOIDA executive vice president Todd Spencer questions the significance of the latest ATA turnover numbers.

“Well, I hate to look at everything from the lens of a pessimist, but in reality, when you’re talking about good news being that driver turnover is only 116 percent –it’s kind of like the first mate on the Titanic reporting to the captain that, ‘Good news, captain, we’re not taking on as much water as we originally thought.’”

OOIDA has long held that significantly better wages and working conditions in the trucking industry would solve the driver turnover problem.